How to use your Apple Watch ?*and third-party apps*? on an airplane

Nov 15, 2013
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When you turn your iPhone into Airplane mode, it disconnects from your Watch. Here's how to fix it.
When I was flying last week, I discovered that when I put my iPhone into Airplane mode, it would ?*obviously ?*disconnect from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, which meant also disabling its connection to the Apple Watch.
Airplane mode exists because the FAA requires that you block cell signals to prevent any signal interference with the plane's navigation systems, but Bluetooth has been legal on planes since late 2013 ?*and it just so happens to be the primary technology the Watch uses to connect to your iPhone. If you don't want to lose access to your Watch's third-party apps when it's time to go up into the sky, here's what you need to do.

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