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How to unblock my iPhone 5s ?


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How to unblock my Iphone5s ?

Hi All

I received an iPhone 5s from my friend free of cost ... Not a new one but used one and even that he was giving it to me because its been blocked and said to me if I can have it released I can use it for myself ... I asked him the reason for it being blocked and he told me that he installed some application in it and so it was blocked. I went to the Apple Store in my current residing country and they straightaway told me that the phone can be rectified only in the US and it really surprised me. Not much explanation given. Just that they cannot do anything and only has to be sent to the US.

Now I seriously do not know what has happened to this iphone but i would like to have it unblocked if its possible. Is there any way to use this Iphone ?? The friend who gave it to me already left this country few days back and it will not be possible for me to check with him anything about this phone anymore. Can someone help me with some solution. I live on the other side of the planet and no way is it possible for me to send it to the US just to have it rectified. Any help on this really appreciated.

thank you




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Jan 8, 2012
Re: How to unblock my Iphone5s ?

The entity that blocked/blacklisted the phone did it for a reason, usually due to theft. I highly doubt that entity will unblock it for you and iMore does not condone discussions aimed at defeating such mechanisms.


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Oct 29, 2015
Re: How to unblock my Iphone5s ?

Bruh, who are you kidding? Just call the number on the screen and ask the owner if you can buy the phone or pad from them. Offer like $40-$60 and see if they agree. I am sure you got scammed in the first place when you bought it for cheap. I always say you get what you pay for. Follow the rules and don't be a punk. Do the right thing and dont be a wimp.... And for everyone out there reading this NEVER INVOLVE COPS. I've seen victims call police and end up going to jail.. Don't snitch and dont steal. Thank you