How to transfer ringtone from 6s Plus to 13 Pro Max


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Hi guys,

So, I recently switched from 6s Plus to 13 Pro Max and I'm struggling to understand how I can now transfer a ringtone from my old phone to the newest one. Both phones have iOS 15.

I understand I can connect 6s plus to iTunes via USB cable that I have but the same solution will not work with 13 Pro Max.

What is strange is that my ringtone is not showing in iTunes app on my phone, it's not listed under 'Tones'. I honestly don't remember how I added it to my 6s plus because that was years ago but all I know is that it's working just fine and I need it to transfer it to my 13 Pro Max.

I realize the answer may be simple but I guess I got confused after researching this yesterday and I have no idea how to tackle this.


Mar 2, 2016
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Did you try going to Sounds & Haptcs? Go to Settings>Sounds & Haptics>Ringtones?

My tones have always transferred without issue. I would go on to the iTunes store and look up the specific tone. Since you purchased it once before, you should be able to download it onto your phone.

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