How to reset iphone 6s without a working button


Nov 24, 2015
So my Mom dropped her iphone 6s in the toilet (what is it about these phones and their taste for swimming in toilets, anyway?) and now her sleep/wake button doesn't work and her touch screen works erratically. This happened a couple months ago so I'm sure the phone is dry by now. She has trouble answering incoming calls because of the touch issue and can't turn off the screen with the button, which results in lots of butt-dials. I'm wondering if a hard reset would fix some of the issues, but how do you turn the phone off or even do a reset if the sleep/wake button is fried? Just wait for the next software update? Plug it into itunes? Take it to the store and see if they can do anything without charging an arm and a leg?

And no, she didn't have toilet swimming insurance.


Apple Watch Champion
Jan 10, 2013
Unfortunately because the the iPhone has dried out/up doesn't mean there's no water damage. If possible, I suggest making a Genius Bar appointment and taking it to an Apple Store.