How to pick the right iPad for you


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Aug 27, 2021
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Any new iPad can do all the light and medium lifting and do it well. Web surfing, social media, content watching, video chat, texting, finance, reading, music base station, Home, photo viewing-editing, works with continuity, works in the eco. But actually all really can do the heavily lifting though the lower models’ user experience may not be quite so superb. Any photography would be much better on the Pro level.

Rene Richie says it best(paraphrasing): buy the best model you can comfortably afford then use it until you have a compelling user experience reason to upgrade.
My take: if you can comfortably afford the Pro, get the Pro, Period. MUCH better display, MUCH better speakers, MUCH better cameras, others. Give yourself the best experience if you can comfortably afford it. Air better, plain old iPad 10 good. Mini is a niche, that I personally love, one that emphasizes compact size.
If money is tight, strongly consider the IPad 9. It does the light and medium lifting well too. Even consider the 9 (or 10) refurbished if budget is very tight. They will be good too.

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