How to install the same app twice


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Feb 7, 2013
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Long time forum user. First time poster here! Hey hey.

Ok so here is the link I used for instructions. {redacted}

I am NOT trying to duplicate a paid app. I'm trying to duplicate Kingdoms of Camelot since I have two accounts and really enjoy playing the game.

So I purchased Ifile but the guide that I was following uses an illegal method. I figured that Vshare could do the same thing since it does have the FREE game that I want to duplicate. The problem I run into:

"Step 3: Then navigate to {redacted}

I figured that Vshare would be there in that folder so I would basically do the same thing but go to: var/mobile/documents/vshare/downloads, however it wasn't there.

Since things have changed recently with not having that illegal method around, is there a different way to duplicate an app?
Again, I do have the registered version of iFile if that helps...

Help me out here guys and gals!? Also, I am not a techie but very good at following instructions. If you use terms like my co-workers use (they are computer engineers) then I will just be lost. Haha:p
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