How to get service?


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Aug 2, 2009
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I believe I may be in need of service for my 16GB iPhone 3G. I purchased it used in June, but it was essentially "new" as it was a replacement for the previous owner's defective unit. (They upgraded to a 3GS on AT&T). It's been unlocked with the Dev-Team tools.

I only have service with T-Mo (USA) and don't have any connection with AT&T.

Here's my problem ... for the past couple of days, I have NO Wi-Fi connectivity. Everything else seems to be working OK. When I switch the Wi-Fi on, I get the quick moving circle that shows it's searching, then nothing. I have tried in several locations, and get the same results. (All locations had previously worked flawlessly.) Since it worked so well up to this time, and I have done nothing to change anything ... not even the 3.01 update ... I suspect a hardware problem.

I checked, and there is still warranty coverage until August 9. Of course, I can extend that by purchasing AppleCare - which I don't really mind doing.

I have an Apple Store nearby, but clearly I can't bring it in with my T-Mo SIM installed!! But, since I have no AT&T stuff ... am I out of luck? I was thinking that maybe I could get a cheap pre-paid phone/sim from AT&T and use that?

Basically, I have no idea if its possible to obtain service or how to go about getting service.

Thanks in advance.



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Jan 4, 2009
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You should be able to take the T-Mo sim out and if you do a restore they won't question you on sim cards or service from the company or anything like that. They have no reason to question it. The apple care is only attached to the serial number, you could be from another country and they wouldn't know the difference in terms of providers, so they are not going to deny you service.

Just restore it completely so the data from the unlock isn't on there and then bring it in to them.

Hope this helped. :)


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Jun 20, 2009
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Can apple find out whether or not the phone was jailbroken before??? Even after a full restore??? They sure know when the phone has had a restore or at least that's what they told me in my apple store..