HOW TO: FaceTime and Skype Call links in HTML signature


Dec 17, 2010
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I'm sure this has probably been covered in a forum post somewhere else, but couldn't find one, so thought I'd pop a post up!

I like the post Allyson did covering how to put HTML signatures onto your iOS device!

But.... Did you also know.... You can create an HTML link in your signature to would allow someone to auto dial you on FaceTime, or Skype much is the same way it can open a website, or a new email?

For instance, in my email signature, I have the below

Simon Hardy | Mobile Security Architect | FishNet Security | +44 (x) xxxxx xxxxxx | +1 (xxx) xxx xxxx | FaceTime | Skype | LinkedIn

When someone gets my email, they see that FaceTime, Skype, and LinkedIn are all HTML links, and when they click them they will either dial me on FaceTime (if they click it from an iPhone, iPad or Mac), dial me on Skype (if they are on a device with Skype installed) or will take them to my LinkedIn profile.

It's really easy to do this...

For a FaceTime link, all you need to do is set the URL of the word you want in your signature to this...


Where "YourAppleID" is either an email address or phone number that someone can FaceTime you on.

Skype is just as easy....

For a Skype link, all you need to do is set the URL of the word you want in your signature to this...


Where "YourSkypeID" is Skype username where someone can call you on.

Not sure if this will help anyone, but I've found it really useful and folks seem to enjoy the ease of use!

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Dec 13, 2010
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Correct Sample.jpgSample.jpgHi simonjhardy. Thank you for your post! I am not sure if you are able to help but I run into some issues when I tried to create my HTML signature (without skype or facetime for now) and I was hoping that you might now the answer. I have also created a related topic in the forums.

From Friday I have been trying to make my HTML signature on iPhone and iPad to be the same as the one I have on outlook (with company logo and icons all with hyperlinks). After several attempts I found a way to copy paste the signature to iOS. The way I did it was to send an email with the signature from outlook to my iPad and iPhone. Then I clicked forward from my iOS devices in order to get to the compose screen. this allowed me to edit my signature and copy pasted it in settings and all formating was retained (i.e. font color, size, etc). I tested my new signature by sending an email to my outlook account and all worked smoothly.

After I finished everything, I realized that a needed to make a small change in signature so I did the same steps as above. However now when I send an email and I open it in outlook the logo and all the icons appear as a white box and nothing else. The links that I have for all the icons work as designed. The weird thing is that if I open the same email on an iOS device all seem fine.

Do you know what's wrong?

Thank you!!