how to export photos to sd card using lighting to sd card reader?


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Hi, I have an old iPhone 7 Max running iOS 11.4.1 and before I give it to a family member, I'd like to export some pictures out of the iPhone when it was used as basically an iPod touch for a few months after I switched to a newer phone.

I'd like to transfer some pictures to an SD card and have the lighting to sd card reader made by Apple.

From what I can see, the sd card to lightning card can only be "officially" used to import pictures to the iPhone.

The other question is that I am currently using an iPhone XS max as my phone and all my iCloud accounts are synced to that photo library. Is there a way to somehow sync up the pictures without altering my current iCloud pictures?


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Jan 8, 2012
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Login to your iCloud account via the iPhone 7 and either let the photos sync to your iCloud Photo Library or save the photos to the files app. The files app will then sync the photos to your iCloud Drive.

Afterwards, the photos should sync to your XS Max. After that, wipe the iPhone 7 and give it to your family member.

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