How to do whatsapp data backup from iPhone 7 if Save to Camera option is kept disabled.


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Apr 29, 2020
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I kept Save to Camera option off as I wanted to keep my Camera pictures separate from Whatsapp data (Images, files, Videos).
Now that overall data in Whatsapp has reached around 100 GB. Many groups or contacts has individually data of around 10-20 GB each. So can't be mailed or icloud (free) also has no space to backup.
Moreover I am not able to see any data in any of the backup apps as it's not stored to camera roll.
Now I find very difficult to backup all these data from whatsapp and couldn't find a solution wherein I can see and get all the data to my Windows 10 Laptop. There's a Wifi network with Internet available with me (Just FYI).

Can anyone please help me to get all the data and free up my phone, and I prefer to have a freeware solution.
Selecting turn by turn images & videos groups from chat and backing up from Whatsapp takes a lot of time for this data.
Looking for relatively easier way. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.
- Nik

Som Kundu

Sep 9, 2014
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The easiest way is to use the inbuilt "Chat backup" option in Whatsapp which will save your data (text, photo and optionally video too) to iCloud. But it will count against your iCloud storage quota. Since you say you have around 100 GB worth of Whatsapp backup, I would suggest you to subscribe to the 200 GB iCloud storage plan for 1 month (assuming you do not need it permanently), take a Whatsapp backup to iCloud including your media and restore the same on your new phone (if you are changing phones).
Free 3rd party apps do exist but I would not recommend using them since the 50 GB and 200 GB iCloud storage plans are quite cheap (monthly) and I have been using the 50 GB since last 4 years now (around $0.99)

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