How to disable Facebook location info when using the desktop version of facebook on your smart phone


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Helllo using Sony compact z5. I use the desktop version on Facebook on my phone as I don't get hassle from messenger, however all the info on how to disable the location feature that FB use to see where you are all relate to people if they are using the FB smart phone app and NOT the desktop version.

I cannot see a 'location' option on all the settings I've explored so far. It's none of FB business where I am in the world.

I also was alrmed whilst being away from home, whilst scolling through google searching for something, google decided to tell me the weather of the city I was in and told me all about my hotel booking displaying the info on screen. Is there anyway to stop google knowing where I am, stop them reading the info in emails where they got the hotel info and stop adding information to the calender app .

Also can you tell me if google can screw around with any other email address they may have from you say for security reasons, and start accessing your perosn stuff through that email adddress as well.

On my phone I use Chrome OS. On laptop I use Opera

Many thank for your time


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Jan 15, 2016
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There is no way to disable the location setting on Facebook in Opera from a computer unless you log into the Facebook app and disable it from there.

No person from Google can legally snoop into your emails from their mail servers. It's against the law. Any access you give their bots is done so from within your Google account settings. If you have questions please contact Google directly.

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