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How to collapse notifications?


New member
May 12, 2013
Hi I'm using a combination of bulletin and bulletin pro to have my notification centre on my lockscreen. Is there any way to make an incoming notification to auto collapse like "messages"...... Hate having to scroll down loads of notifications, thxImageUploadedByiMore Forums1376303294.895853.jpg


New member
Feb 9, 2010
I don't think Bulletin has a setting for it (I use it too) BUT it does seem to "remember" your last setting. So for instance I just sent myself two texts and then pulled down the Notification Center to see them. I then tapped on the Messages header to collapse the section, and then closed the Notification Center. I then sent a third message. When I pulled down the NC again my Messages section was still collapsed but now showed that I had 3 messages waiting.

In other words: just remember to collapse it when you're done with the NC.