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How to choose Genre music on iOS 7


Aug 12, 2010
Re: question on ios 7

Music app has a tab at the bottom for genres. If it's not there, cold elect the More tab and it will be there.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Re: question on ios 7

Found a bug. Pls confirm.
Scrol down the notification center in te setting and scrol down to massege and try to find repeat massege alert for 1 to 10 times. After u done it so send a sms for urself and do not try to open the lock screen and just wait. The sms alert will never repeat !!!! Some one pls confirm

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Mine repeats. As a matter of fact, it is one of the options I normally change after setting up my device, but I apparently overlooked it this particular time until I received a repeat text alert from a message sent from one of my sons. It won't repeat immediately. Give it a minute or two. Anyway, I've since changed the option to never repeat. Being that my phone is almost always with me, I don't have a need for the repeat notification.