How should I setup my Network? Airport Extreme or Netgear Router?


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Nov 8, 2011
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Hope you guys can help me...

I used to use a 5th gen Airport Extreme as a router at home, but recently moved and now get internet from a new provider. Its a 60 MB cable connection, and it came with a Netgear C6250 modem/router. The Netgear has 802.11AC wifi, which my Macbook Air also has. But... Now I'm not sure as to how I should set up my network...

Run everything through the Netgear? Use the Netgear as a modem, and run the network using the Airport as a router? Or maybe just use the Netgear for my Macbook Air, and run the rest of the network through the Airport?

I/we have the following devices:

* Netgear 102 NAS (Connected with a LAN cable. I like to use it for storing movies/files, playing movies and for Time Machine backup.)
* An Apple TV (Connected with a LAN cable)
* Wii U
* Old Wintel PC (That can run on a separate DSL connection, and does so much of the time)
* 2011 iMac (I'm inclined to run this with a LAN cable)
* 2014 Macbook Air (I think thats the only device that has 802.11 AC)
* iPad Air
* iPad mini 2
* iPad mini
* iPad 2
* iPhone 5s
* Nokia Lumia 520
* Nintendo 3DS (This isn't on the network that often)

What do you guys think? Any suggestions on how I should set up my home network, which router to use and how, and if I have the right devices using a LAN cable rather than wifi would be greatly appreciated!

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