How much data does Uber use?


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Data usage for Uber

My wife and I are traveling to Asia for a month. We both purchased the AT&T Passport International data usage plan for 30 days. I'm getting 800Mb of data for $120 for my IPad; she's getting a smaller plan for her IPhone. I ordered my Plan directly from my IPad. She called and talked to a rep for her Plan. The Rep she spoke with advised against using Uber in Asia, claiming it would use up huge amounts of data to do so. I called AT&T to ask myself, and the first question the young Rep asked was "What's Uber?" She then looked up the approximate data usage she thought Uber would take after I described it, and she estimated around 50Mb per hour of usage. That seems, frankly, low, as a typical Uber use only lasts about 5-10 minutes until the car comes. So my question: would obscene amounts of data actually be used with Uber? Anyone?


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: Data usage for Uber

No one can really answer that question without knowing how much data is used while having the Uber app running.