How is your iPad Pro 9.7" Holding up?


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Apr 7, 2015
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So I am in the market for a used iPad for my daughter. I have run across a couple affordable iPad Pro 9.7" that are in good condition, but I can also find some newer iPad 2017 models (128GB) and brand new iPad 2018 (32GB) for the same price. Obviously the upgrade storage would be beneficial for road trips and whatnot, but just curious if buying a two year old iPad is really worth it at this point, or just drop the storage and get something brand new?

She is coming from an original iPad Air 16GB, so any of these choices is a pretty significant upgrade at this point. I like some of the pro features like speakers and the True Tone screen. Supporting the original Apple Pencil is a plus too, she likes to draw and I can pick up a 1st gen Apple Pencil for pretty cheap right now. Battery life is a concern as well, a used iPad might be starting to show some battery wear that I wouldn't know about until I had it.


iPad Pro 9.7" - 128GB, Used but in good condition, Verizon Cell enabled (not going to use the cell, but might come in handy)

iPad 2017 - 128GB, Used but in good condition, Verizon Cell enabled (same as above for cell)

iPad 2018 - 32GB. Brand new.

Thanks for the help!


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Jan 25, 2014
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I think it depends on the price you can get the Pro for; if they cost is roughly the same the Pro is a better deal. The Pro will have some advantages, particularly in terms of the screen appearance. OTOH, a child (and even most adults) won't have any issues with the iPad and there are advantages to buying new. Additionally, with Black Friday/Cyber Monday next weekend, you'll likely be able to find even better deals on a new iPad, maybe even get the 128GB version for the price (or less) than the 32GB.

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