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How do you delete a reminder location in the iPhone 6S Plus ver 9.3 ?


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how do you delete a reminder location in iPhone 6S Plus ver 9.3 ?

iPhone 6S Plus ver 9.3 - From the main screen, I select Reminders, then select a previously created reminder. Then I select Location (for location based reminders).

Once in the Location menu, I see:
Current Location
Getting in the car
Getting out of the car
Location 1 (which was created by me in Contacts)

My question is, how do I delete the no longer used location that I created?

I originally created a location (contact) in my Contacts, then searched for it in the Location menu and selected it. The location based reminder worked, but I no longer need that location, so I deleted it from the Contacts. But when I go back into Reminders, select the reminder, then select Location, it's still there in the list as shown above.

I've tried to deleted it "locally" in the Location menu by touching, swiping, wiggling, etc., but nothing seems to bring up a Delete choice. It's already deleted from the Contacts, so I don't know how to get rid of it.

Any help is appreciated.


Oct 2, 2013
Re: how do you delete a reminder location in iPhone 6S Plus ver 9.3 ?

Welcome to iMore! I delete it by toggling off "Remind me at a location". If I understand you!

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