How Do I Un-Jailbreak My iPhone 4S?


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Aug 5, 2013
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Alrighty, so! In a bit of a pickle here and I'm beginning to be worried.
Recently was given a jailbroken(done through evasi0n) iPhone 4s and decided I wanted to unjailbreak it.
Did some googling, and found out that to do so I had to go through Cydia and delete all downloaded stuff.
About halfway through, Cydia crashed. Went to reopen it and the Cydia tile had disappeared, however the Winterboard tile was still on my phone?!
Did some more research, and most places said the same, so I Erased All Content and Settings through the reset option on the iPhone.
That was about an hour ago, and my phone is STILL stuck on the black screen with the little grey rotating loading gear doo-hickey.
I'm starting to worry, how long does this usually take?! Is the reset going to finish or am I now stuck with an iPaperweight that is of absolutely no use to myself, resulting in the need for me to get a new phone?! So frustrated at this point..
I've done MORE googling now, and I'm being told to reboot the phone via holding down the power & home buttons, and I really would do that except for the fact that my lock button is broken, I've been using Assistive Touch to lock my phone for a month now. FML.

Anyone have any sentiment of a clue as to what I can do here? :crying:


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Sep 13, 2012
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Wherever you've been reading, never go back.

1) You unjailbreak a phone simply by restoring in iTunes. You cannot accomplish this in Cydia.

2) You NEVER FOR ANY REASON want to choose the erase all contents and settings on a jailbroken phone. It leads you to the situation you're in now.

You're going to need to let the battery drain. Charge it. Hope you can use the restore options from iTunes. If it doesn't work at that point, you'll need to enter DFU mode. To do that, you'll need to fix that lock button. There are ways to make IPSWs to push you into DFU mode using redsn0w. I'm not sure they'll work now that you've hit that reset button.


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Aug 5, 2013
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Thank you!! :)
Yeah, I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon, I'm not sure what was up or if it was a big scheme or what but a bunch of people were saying it worked and that's why I thought it would for me as well. I do have my phone backed up in iTunes, so I will be able to hopefully restore it as soon as my power cord comes in (seems that everything is breaking at once lol). There is a place in my mall that does iPhone repairs apparently so if the iTunes restore doesn't work I will be going there to have my lock button fixed, which I was kinda hoping to eventually do anyways cause I do not get along with Assistive Touch haha.

Thanks a ton, I'll try your advice and let you know either way!


Mar 11, 2013
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This post is a testament to not Google your Apple device problems

Come to iMore were we care 😊

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