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How do I send a voicemail message to another iPhone 4?


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Send voicemail to other iPhone 4

How do I send a voicemail messGe to another iPhone 4 PLZE x Donna


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Jun 16, 2009
Re: Send voicemail to other iPhone 4

Traditional voicemail? Or did you mean a voice note sent with the messenger app on your iphone? Traditional voicemail is left when you get no answer on the person's line as you attempt to call them, but I suspect you may be how do you send a voice note via messenger. To do that, go to the Messages icon on your homescreen (the chat bubble), then click on the edit button, it looks like a pencil in a box, then start typing the name or number for the contact you want to leave the message, and you will see their name come up, select it. Then click on the text entry field beside the camera icon, THEN press and hold the mic icon at the end of that line and start speaking, let go when done, and then press the up arrow to send to the X to cancel.