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How do I select the photos to appear on the Albums screen?

Alice Teter

New member
Oct 12, 2014
I have photos organized into and within albums in a way that makes sense to me. In IOS 7, the first photo on each album's slideshow order was the one that appeared on the Albums screen. Always. In IOS 8, not only is this ignored and a random photo displayed, they change at random! The Albums screen I see today may or may not look like the one I saw yesterday, even though the only thing I have done is close the app yesterday, and open it today.

How can I get MY choice back?

I tried marking my choice as favorite, but all that did was add my choice to the Favorites album; no other effect on the Albums screen.
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Jan 8, 2012
My *guess* is that in iOS 8, the focus maybe on grouping by date, but I'm just guessing. Anyway, now that the "Camera Roll" has returned with iOS 8.1, hopefully, your album photos will be as they were under iOS 7.