How do I save to specific folders on the hard drive?


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OK so I'm probably just stupid. I just bought a MacBook pro after years of devoted PC use. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to easily navigate to specific folders I have created on the SSD when saving, opening or importing files. Saving an Office document always defaulted to iCloud drive so I disabled it, now it's defaulting to OneDrive which I also don't want. I'm used to the old Windows Save As and then navigating to wherever I want! I had similar issues trying to import my pictures to the Photos app. I could see the All Documents under Favorites but what I want to see is my Mac hard drive and then the ability to navigate within the folders to find stuff when opening or saving documents from Excel, Word, etc. I established my desired folder structure under the Users folder with a specific folder for myself. Can anyone help?


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Jun 16, 2009
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The app you seek is called Finder, it's the Mac, file manager. It's serves a similar function as "My Computer" OR Windows Explorer does in Windows based machines. Also once you have a Mac app open you can access most of it's functions and features via the menubar at the top of your screen. Whichever app you have selected and in the front of your Mac screen will be what controls what has the menubar. To change apps just go to the other app from the task bar or "dock" at the bottom, or anywhere if you can see it on your screen. Once you make a new app come to the front then the menubar changes to that app.

Here's an Apple page for new Mac Book owners, which includes a page and info for those switching from Windows....

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