How do I retrieve data off of an iPhone 6 plus that is crushed and not backed up?


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how to retrieve data off of iPhone 6 plus that is crushed and not backed up

Hi, My iPhone 6+ was run over by a truck, screen was totally destroyed, I took it to a "[redacted]" shop and after a week, they said "there must be a hardware problem"...until they physically disconnected the face plate iMessage was still syncing messages with my iPad,fast forward to, today - now nothing... my question is, how can I retrieve all of my data, most importantly my pictures??? (roughly, 9,000 - which , unfortunately were not set to synch with my iPad) My biggest dilemma and or obstacle is that my iPhone was not backed up - not iCloud, not iTunes, not even on my computer...(last back up is Sept. 4, 2015 (only 3,000 pics at that time)... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!! (there has to be a way!!!) Also, I tried a few of those mobile rescue sites - originally they recognized the phone, but my iTunes was trying to sync - as I needed to change the settings, so it was a big old mess Shortly after, I decided to send it out to the [redacted] (and after face plate was removed) those sites no longer recognize the phone... Thanks in advance!!!! Ps. I'm a Photographer, literally a large piece of my life's work is at stake, I was on my way to my studio to backup the day this happened.
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Re: how to retrieve data off of iPhone 6 plus that is crushed and not backed up

You did say the phone was run over by a truck, right? I highly doubt the device is reparable, and unless your pics were backed up or unless you had duplicate copies on your computer, external drive or in the cloud, consider the probability that they're lost and unretrievable.

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