How do I remove photos from my iPhone 6 but not from my iCloud?


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how do i remove photos from my iphone 6 but not from my icloud

how do manage my photos on my iphone 6 i want to remove photos from my iphone but not from icloud


Oct 2, 2013
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Re: how do i remove photos from my iphone 6 but not from my icloud

Welcome to iMore! iCloud is a back up solution, not a storage solution. If you want storage and delete the photos off the phone, you can upload them to your computer, or use cloud based apps like Box, Dropbox and OneDrive. I use all 3.


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Jan 11, 2016
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Re: how do i remove photos from my iphone 6 but not from my icloud

True that. I was kind of in the same predicament if you will, I have well over 10,000 photos up in iCloud so imaging searching for a particular photo while using the iPhone, don't get me wrong it's doable but out in the field when you need it in a pinch not so much fun imo, sometimes I don't feel like going back 10 years.
This is what seems to be working for me as of today;
Not synching the photos anymore, it's turned off, currently using Google Photos in the computer where I sort them out in 'collections' or albums which I create and when needed I just access them via the iPhone's Safari browser, don't even care to have the app installed, imo less is more, less duplicity that is. As a fast transfer solution I've been using 'PhotoSync' which I installed in the MacPro and the iPhone as well, using PhotoSync I just upload to the computer all of the new photos and videos or pick the ones that I prefer and delete the rest, once in the computer I just copy to the Photos App and upload to Google Photos the keeper's. Also use PhotoSync to send photos or videos from the computer to the phone and it all happens seamlessly and super fast, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. There are several cloud based solutions available but this particular one gives me the opportunity to decide what I want to sync and when instead of doing it automatically, then again that just my choice which may not work for everybody.

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