How do I hide purchases on Apple id from Mac?


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Hide purchases on apple id from mac?

We are in the midst of creating a new apple ID for my son. His old apple ID will be included in our new family sharing ( those lines, except a bit different.

Instead of creating a child ID, we want to create a new, valid-birthdate ID for a teen. Here's my goal:
1. turn on ask to buy.
2. Allow access to previously purchased apps from old ID
3. Hide some unauthorized previous purchases so he can't download them again, but can have them when he is older.

When should I do the Hide step? How? Can I do it from my phone or mac, or do I need to use his? (He's already signed out, but I guess he could sign back in?)

What we have done so far:
Signed his phone out
Changed Apple ID and password, along with emails and phones etc.

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