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How do I go about reverting the iOS on my iPod 4G?


New member
Mar 29, 2015
reverting ios on iPod 4G

Please help!!! I have an ipod 4G with an ios of 6.1.6

I need to revert the ios to 4.3.x or lower in order for my device to sync with foobar. I cannot use iFaith to save my SHSH blobs because the latest iFaith only deals with ios versions 6.1.3 or lower.

Any help on how to revert back to 6.1.3 or perhaps even all the way to 4.3 would be tremendous!


New member
Sep 19, 2012
Re: reverting ios on iPod 4G

Each device has a unique ID that when you upgrade to the latest iOS version, gets digitally signed and logged by Apple. This has the benefits of ensuring that the version of iOS you have installed is legitimate, secure and free of malware. When a new iOS version gets released, there is a grace period of a few days where Apple will allow people to downgrade back to their previous version, in case of errors or problems. Once this grace period expires, Apple removes the digital signature from the older version of iOS and this means it can not be downloaded or installed on your device. Whenever your Apple device 'phones home', Apple check to make sure the digital signature is still correct.

You are stuck on the version you have and there is no going back. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.