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How do I get sounds back (Phone is stuck on mute)?


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how do I get sounds back? (Phone is stuck on mute)

I accidentally hit something while pitting a case on my iPhone 6s! I now have no volume! If I get a call or text my phone just vibrates! I turn the volume up for everything but still I get no sound. I no longer have any sound in any games or live pictures the only time I have sound is in a video! In settings it says volume is all the way up and I have sounds set for calls and texts but I don't! I don't know how to fix it!! I never had this problem before! While trying to put phone case on I hit something but I don't know what. Like I said I hit the volume button up but nothing even though it says I have volume all the way up and I have tones selected! Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Aug 14, 2015
Re: how do I get sounds back? (Phone is stuck on mute)

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Try your silent switch which is above your volume control. Double check you do not have Airplane Mode turned on or Do Not Disturb turned on in Settings..