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How do I get my iPhone to send iMessages?


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So today I was using my phone and iMessages and I was talking to a friend and then next thing I knew my phone was only sending text messages and he showed me that his iMessages were on, and I have tried to make my work. I can send iMessages to other people just not him. I had to make a couple iMessages that sent to him send as texts and now they won't send as iMessages. I really would like to know what happened with just that persons messages


Oct 12, 2011
Maybe he was in a bad cell signal area? I've had friends who would get text messages from me when they were in bad cell areas and then later it would automatically revert back to iMessage. I think it may be a momentary thing.

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! Just as @AceBoonKoon mentioned, this usually happens when one of the parties is in a poor service area or if there is a momentary blip in the iMessage service. I wouldn't be too concerned.