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How do I get messaging that my iPhone 4s working again?


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How do i get messaging at my iphone 4s working again?

Mid February 2016 I got my first smart phone the iphone 6. Prior to that I was using another iphone as a game/music system. I have had the iphone 4s working great from for about 4 years with out that phone put working. So I was using the iphone 4 s as a IPOD. I have the PLANE MODE on and WIFI on, plus messaging working. The iphone 4s is been like this for about 4 years or so with know problems. Now that i got the new iphone 6 my texting/imessaging stop working totally. I would like to get the messaging on the iphone 4s working again. how do i do this? Plus i would like to keep the iphone 6 messaging working too.


Jun 2, 2011
Re: How do i get messaging at my iphone 4s working again?

Check settings and make sure you have the correct contact info to send/receive messages. Also make sure handoff is turned on on your 6s (General > Handoff).