How do I find a highly interactive calendar?


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I am looking for a calendar to use for production scheduling purposes only. We have a roofing company. What I am looking for is something to input our sold jobs into a calendar. So, each day would show our 6 crews, and the last name of the project they are assigned to. Let's say, on Tuesday it rains. Everything from Tuesday, would move to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday, and so on. Without having to copy and paste every day, we just click something, and the program moves everything back. Do you have an interactive calendar that performs this process? Let me know. Thank you!


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Oct 11, 2014
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You're looking for a "dispatch" or "project" type of program or app. You will not find anything suitable in the iOS world.
Try ActSoft, works well with small and large companies and is viewable from an iOS device but runs in Windows.