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How do I delete all data on my iPhone 5?


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how do i delete all data on my iphone5

I have upgraded to iphone 6s and wish to sell my iphone 5 to best buy-must delete all


Jun 7, 2010
Re: how do i delete all data on my iphone5

Welcome to iMore!

Go to Settings -> General

Scroll all the way down to Reset and choose reset and erase all data. :) enjoy your new phone!


New member
Nov 4, 2015
Re: how do i delete all data on my iphone5


Firstly, backup and data or music that you wish to keep, then if you use iCloud you MUST disable it on your device that you are selling. As a new user I cannot post links as of yet but a quick Google will link you to Apple articles and third party articles with step by step instructions.

Secondly you need to fully erase your device which is in Settings --> General --> Reset --> Erase All Content and Settings.

Hope this helps!