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How do I clean up a co-mingled iCloud photo account?


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I've had a 12.9" iPad Pro for almost two years now. My wife's been wanting an iPad so I decided to get her the new iPad (6th gen) with a pencil. I ended up liking the smaller form factor and she likes the larger size, so I kept the small one and gave her my Pro. I signed out of all my accounts (various apps and iCloud). A few days ago she asked me why all of my photos were showing up on her phone (she also got an out of storage notice). I guess my photos stayed on the old Pro when I signed out and when she signed in with her iCloud account, it synced them to her account? How do I clean this up? I was in the settings on her iPad and if I turn off Photo syncing for iCloud, it asks if I want to delete all the photos on the iPad. Should I do this and then once they're gone, turn it back on? Will this pull her photos back down from the cloud or will her cloud always contain my photos now too? I'd like to clean up her photo account but I don't want to lose any of my photos!


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Jan 15, 2016
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Hello, and welcome to iMore!

First, back up all of your photos to your hard drive or some other secure location (I burn mine to disc and keep them deleted from my phone). then log in from a computer to your iCloud account and remove the iPad from your account. You may have to go in to the Apple store and have them transfer it to her for you (I have to do that with my Apple watch that my husband gave me). Then factory reset the device and during the set up have your wife log in with her own Apple ID.

If you need further assistance, feel free to sign up here on the forums for a free account, then reply back here in this thread and we'll see if we can help you get things squared away.