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How Do I Add A Song From the Finder to An iTunes Playlist?


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I am a DJ and music producer, and I usually build up songs to check out via the iTunes playlists by dragging a song from the Finder to a playlist I created.

Ever since the new version of iTunes has been updated, that ability is now problematic. When I now drag a song, I get an error starting with "iCloud Music Library playlists can only contain songs from your iCloud Music Library."

And then it goes that my dragging the song will remove the playlist from the library.

I'm unable to find clear directions on how to work this. I'm very frustrated that this has gotten in the way, so any suggestions as to how to work through this to both create playlists and then adding to them as I go would be most welcome.


iOS Gravity

New member
Sep 24, 2013
Use command + O when in iTunes, locate that file, and open it. Once its in iTunes, add it to a playlist.