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How did long ago deleted voice memos return to my iPhone after updating the iOS version?


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I still have a 4S, just put iOS7 on it a week or so ago. I use Voice Memos alot, they've been transferring over to iTunes on the desktop just fine until today. Yesterday, I had between 5-10 voice memos on both the iPhone and in iTunes. Today, I synced, and have hundreds of voice memos on the phone, and 8 in iTunes. The ones on the phone go back to 11/8/13, plus one extra one from 8/2/12. The 8 on the phone are current messages from yesterday and today. The hundreds on the phone are messages that were long ago deleted, they do not appear in iTunes. What do you supposed happened? And how do I get them off of the iPhone all at once? I can't delete them one at a time, that would take a week.



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Jan 8, 2012
Try rebooting your iPhone to see if it corrects itself. When you updated, did you update OTA or restore from a backup? After it reboots, connect it to iTunes to see if they appear.