How can I transfer all my Contacts from windows phone to iCloud?


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I want to transfer all my contacts from Lumia 920 to iCloud. I have an outlook account on lumia and all my contacts are synced with the outlook account. When i added the same outlook account to my new iPhone 6 plus, all the contacts are showing in the iPhone contacts, which is good. I have also setup an iCloud account on the iPhone. Now I want to sync all my contacts with the iCloud but I'm unable to do so. The contacts seem to be associated with the outlook account only because when i remove the outlook account from the iPhone, all the contacts also go away.


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Oct 22, 2010
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Don't delete the Outlook Accont... Just turn off contacts syncing... The phone should ask if you want to keep contacts... Say yes to that... Then turn on contact syncing for iCloud.