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How can I separate my son's iphone contact/text messages/etc from mine?


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My son and I shared an apple ID when we had two iphone 4s phones. My son has now gotten his own apple ID, but our phones still seem linked-- he sees all my incoming and outgoing text messages and when he texts me, it comes back as texted by both of us. I need to know how to separate our phones, but I am not sure how.


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Jan 8, 2012
On both devices, go to Settings → Messages → Send & Receive and then uncheck the everything except the phone number. Anyone who send a text or iMessage to your phone number will only be received by you. The same applies to him and his phone number.


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Sep 26, 2012
I'd also suggest you setup Family Share and add your son's apple ID to it. That way you can approve/reject purchases from your phone and share apps and music.