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How can I restore my deleted notes from iCloud?


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I recently upgraded from iphone 4 to iphone 5C, all the content was transfered to the new phone. I then deleted notes from the old phone, but they also got deleted from the new phone. I suppose because both phones use the same AppleID (?) I wanted to restore from a backup, and did it first on the old phone to make sure it would work. I reset the phone, found the most recent backup for the old phone and restored it. Everything got restored except the notes. I used the wifi network on the old phone because i don't have the phone service on it. Can somebody please tell me what am i doing wrong? Thank you


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: restoring notes from icloud

You're doing nothing wrong... It worked as designed... Both devices were syncing to iCloud, and a note deleted on one deleted from iCloud, and the other device.


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Nov 4, 2016
Did you set the auto sync of iCloud? So you don't have another backup now, you might need the 3rd party software to recover those lost notes. Recommend you the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery and Wondershare which are popular on data recovery.