How can I offload photos from my iPhone to my PC?


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Nov 3, 2020
I tried to offload some pictures off my iphone to a program on my pc and got an error saying something like no, you can't do that, they are in icloud. So I tried another program and got the same result. I went to icloud on my phone and tried to turn photo upload and it said something like if you do this it will delete all photos. I took the warning to mean all photos on my phone too. I can't believe Apple would do that but I would not take that chance,the warning was not clear about it, to me at least.I can not remember having any issue with icloud when offloading photos to my pc before, something new?


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Sep 28, 2014
Sounds like you are using optimized storage on your phone. You need to check download originals, that should pull your library to your phone in full resolution, provided you have enough space and you can transfer to your PC. Another option is using "iCloud for Windows" and turning on iCloud Photo Library for your PC and having them there .