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How can I make my 1st gen iPad play a .gif file?


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I've been a windows user all my life but right now I've got to do a project involving an iPad 1 (first gen, 16 gb etc.). I need to finish this by tomorrow (it's 9 p.m. here) and I'm absolutely clueless regarding iPads.
I'm making a .gif, which will be exhibited for two weeks for 8 hours/day. I didn't originally inted for it to be played on an iPad but this is what I ended up with. The .gif will be in a 1 min. 20 second loop and ought to be looped 8 hours straight.
It's exactly 1024-by-768-pixels.
Now, the questions: How can I make the iPad play the .gif so that the only thing visible on screen is the .gif itself, with no trace of the app/program/whatever is running it.
What kind of app/program should I use?
Should I perhaps make the file another format, not a .gif?

Thanks in advance for the help!