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How can I get my iPhone 4 to turn on?


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Iphone 4 not turning on.


I recently replaced the screen and digitizer on my friends Iphone4 which was badly damaged which all went well though later found out she had a power button that did not work too. so took whole thing aprt and had a tinker (paper rubber etc) to no avail.

so ordered a new power and prox sensor flex cable.
-waited for phone battery to die
-installed cable (button clicked again)
-plugged in to charger
-no apple logo/dead screen

Do you think i damaged the screen cables? (they look fine)
Has battery stuffed out?
can a faulty new flex cable cause phone to to power up? even when charging?
Is there something i missed
Any way to deduce where the problem lies?


New member
Jun 1, 2011
Re: Iphone 4 not turning on.

Try installing the old parts and see if maybe you got a bad cable