How can i get a backup of my ipad to restore if its listed but doesn't work from icloud?


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My ipad started doing the power on power off loop and wouldn't charge. Finally did the reboot with no effect whatsoever. Did the "hold both buttons for 10 seconds and the one button for 8 seconds to get it to the itunes logo. plugged it into my computer.
erased everything and thought i would get a chance to reload my files. Nope. Didn't get the chance, lost contact with the ipad in itunes. Tried to link back up ...not happening. Sort of happy that the looping was fixed tho. Realized how much i have lost and tried to restore a backup from icloud. It says it can't. Last night there were 3 good backups available to chose from. This morning only 2 and one of those is from after my ipad was erased so it doesn't have anything to restore. I will probably lose access to the one good backup soon but can't figure how to get it to work. I tried again in itunes and it lists nothing to new to restore. I never connected my ipad to itunes on my laptop because i thought the cloud was my backup! Have I lost everything??? Some of it was irreplaceable. Some just a pain but some were very important. Please help me if you can. I have only had one apple product so i am not very savy in apple.


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Oct 22, 2010
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If your existing back-ups won't restore, there's not much you can do other than consider it a lesson learned and to backup regularly with iTunes as well as iCloud... And backup your computer with your iTunes library so you've something to fall back on when needed.

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