How can I fix SMS Database issue ?


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Hello !

I have kept my iphone 4s since 2011, upgrading sometimes the IOS, and not at all since 2014, as performance degrade at each upgrade. Since most recent 9.3.2 update (I had to install to support a new application), the SMS native application is not working anymore. I can send and receive messages, but the history is lost. Also, I got no more notification.

I was convinced my device was just too old, so I took this as an escuse to buy a new 6s.

I tried to restore my last 4s backup onto the 6s, but the 6s, starts behaving the exact same way, SMS dead too.

I guess the root issue is a SMS database corruption, but I have no tools to realy confirm that. I called Apple support, very nice guy but useless, and could not recommend any DB validation check application (any exists ?).
I could browse the SMS DB with Syncios and EaseUs utilities, but free version don't allow backup / restore.

I suspect a SMS with an attachment that have corrupted my SMS db.

I tried the cheat by copying an empty SMS db in the iTune backup directory and try restore, but iTune complains...

So, my question are:
- Is there a way to run a validation on the databases held on the iPhone ?

- Is there a good utility that can run under Windows and selectively copy / transfert informations from an ios device or backup to another ?




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Jan 8, 2012
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Go into the Message settings as well as the notification settings and re-set them to your liking. As for the message history, they're probably gone. It's not uncommon to have a corrupted backup.

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