How can I fix my phone, it blacked out?


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my phone blacked out !! HELP !!

So i dropped my phone in July and it kinda shattered the screen. its worked fine until now though. so i was on twitter last night and then all of a sudden it went black. i clicked the lock button a ton of times and it eventually turned back on but its stuck on twitter. theres kind of a problem though. my home button fell out and so ive been using assistive touch and the button on that doesnt work very well. so i cant reset my phone. siri wont open any other apps and i cant click on notifications in the notification bar. im getting a new phone but i havent backed up in a while due to my storage being full. i NEED my pictures back:((((((((((((((((((((((((( please help !!!


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: my phone blacked out !! HELP !!

Since your home button doesn't work and you haven't taken the time to get it repaired, there's really nothing for us to tell you in regard to a quick fix. Having said that, you can either get the home button and screen repaired or make plans to get the device replaced. As for your pics, if you haven't backed them up or have duplicate copies somewhere, consider them lost, unless you opt to get the device repaired. You can try connecting the device to your computer and seeing if iTunes can detect it. If so, create an iTunes backup and transfer the pics to your computer b

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