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How can I fix intermittent T-Mobile service on my iPhone 4S?


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Intermittent T-Mobile service on Iphone 4S

I just purchased at&t iphone 4S. At&t unlocked phone and I used I-Tunes to reset and update to 8.3(12F70). Installation on T-Mobile network was successful but soon service intermittently dropped on and off. I spoke to Apple who assumed problem was resolved when service came back. Apple told me that since this phone was so old, any other assistance would require payment. Powering on and off does not resolve problem. Locking and unlocking does not resolve problem. Any ideas?


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: Intermittent T-Mobile service on Iphone 4S

You may be in a location where T-Mobile's service is partially on radio bands that the device you have is not capable of operating on.