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How can I erase pending on find my iPhone?


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Erase pending on find my iPhone

I have given an old iPhone 5 to a friend as it had been dropped and screen was unreadable. I was due an upgrade so no use to me to pay for a repair, however my friend wants to pay for it be repaired to use.

As it was unusable and I wanted to delete all data and info on the phone I used Erase my iPhone through find my iPhone.

On find my iPhone it now shows as Erase pending, iPhone will be erased when it connects to the Internet.

My question is if they get it repaired and they have my passcode how quickly will the data be erased and will they be able to see any photos, text messages, Apps etc. before the phone erases?


New member
Oct 22, 2010
Re: Erase pending on find my iPhone

Find should see it and initiate the erase before there's a chance to put in a PIN and unlock the device...