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How can I download Windows on my Mac?


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i want to download window on my mac

i want to download window on my mac so i would be able to install


Mar 15, 2016
Re: i want to download window on my mac

Parallels desktop is a way. Good Luck.


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Aug 14, 2015
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I run Windows through Parallels, this way I do not have to reboot my Mac to go back to OS X. With Parallels I can run multiple OS's at the same time. Drawback to Parallels is it will cost you for the app. Advantages are that you have a nice interface, works very smoothly, is feature rich and simple to use. VMware Fusion 8 is another app similar to Parallels with less features but will do the job as well. Again there is a cost associated with it.

Free alternatives to Parallels & Fusion 8 are VirtualBox. Bootcamp is from Apple, while VirtualBox is by Oracle. BootCamps biggest disadvantage is you have to reboot to go between OS's. VirtualBox will allow multiple OS's to run at the same time just like Parallels or Fusion 8, but is no where near as feature rich as Parallels or Fusion 8.

I would take a look at all of the virtual apps I have supplied you with before making a final decision. There are many differences between them and after checking them out, you will know which is best suited for your needs. Hopefully this info will help you with your decision.


Oct 29, 2016
I used Parallels Desktop. It is super easy! You can even set it as a mac desktop so you can use 3 fingers to the right or left to switch to windows. It's amazing!