How can I download all the pictures in my iCloud library at one time?


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Icloud photo labrary - download all pictures to a windows computer

Maybe you can help me about this.

I started using the Icloud Photo Library - Its solving some of the problems the Photo Stream Had, but I still have som diffucuilties:

1) Its seems like i is only the photo stream that appears in the Icloud-photos folder, when you download Icloud to a windows computer - can that be true? Should't it be all my photos fra the Library and my albums there, I should download the the computer and its there a way to make it that way?

2) I the Icloud Photo Labrary solution it seems like I can only download one picture at a time - Is there a way to download all the pictures at one time?, I really like to be able to move my pictures to another service if I feel to.

Thank you

Best regards Jakob stensgaard, Denmark

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