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How can I delete .avi files on an iPad?


New member
Jun 7, 2015
Deleting .avi files on ipad

Hello, a friend of mine came over with their iPad and a USB stick with some movie files on them and asked me to put them on their iPad. Without thinking and realising they were .avi I plugged the USB into my Mac and air dropped them to their iPad for them. So now I realise they are divx avi's and of course the iPad will not play them, I should have looked first. My problem is I can see they are using storage on the iPad as there is now 3GB less storage available but I cannot see them to delete them. Please help, how do I find them to delete them.


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Aug 11, 2012
Re: Deleting .avi files on ipad

If they show up in the Videos app, even if they're not playable, you should be able to delete them from there. If they're not there, then which app did you select when Airdrop prompted you to? You'll need to delete them from that app.