How can I clear out my mail without having to delete large email attachments?


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Need new mail interface for a specific reason

I own a small design firm and have been using AppleMail forever as the local interface for our GMail accounts. Mail on my personal computer is problematic because, over time, there are so many emails that I CANNOT delete the large attachments from because the attachment relates specifically to what is being said in the email (sometimes client approval of attached artwork, sometimes legal instructions that relate to attached forms, etc.) A simple solution would be for there to be a way for an alias to the saved/.filed attachment to be in the email - but AppleMail doesn't. I love the interface so much more than any web mail that I am looking to see if anyone (AirMail? Postbox? Etc...) has solved this issue with links, aliases, etc. Sot have that - and they also don't have a way to archive in bulk (say, archive all emails prior to 2012, etc.) Even if I could delete the attachments, it would take forever to open all of the past emails and do so - my Mail is 120 gigs! Any help?


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Oct 3, 2010
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Re: Need new mail interface for a specific reason

Not sure about this one. Maybe someone will add what they use.

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