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How can I brighten my iPhone 5 screen?


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Iphone 5 screen super dim

My screen cracked on my iphone 5 so i replaced it. I replaced the screen and after i switched the screen i put everything back and turned it on to test it before pushing the screen all the way in (i know dumb thing to do). It turned on and everything was working fine the screen was bright and working how it should be so i decided to push the screen all the way in. The second i did that my phone went super dim i could only see something barely even in the dark with full brightness on. So i bought another screen and tried it and it was the same thing with that screen. I think i broke something on my logic board. Is there anything i can do except to buy a new logic board. I was thinking of buying a new one would everything work fine after i bought a new one? Or maybe i can fix it somehow?


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Aug 14, 2015
Re: Iphone 5 screen super dim

Welcome to iMore! I can not tell you if replacing the logic board will solve your problem or not. Not sure that anyone can. But I am also not sure why you would want to put more money into your phone. You could take the chance of replacing the logic board, but if that does not solve the problem, then you are out of pocket even more money. The 5 is a reasonably cheap phone to find used. My suggestion would be to get another used 5 before wasting anymore money on your current one.