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I’m using a iPhone 6s+ with the latest non-beta OS update. I use it as my hotspot to connect my iPad Pro to. Most of the time my iPad detect my iphone is around & gives me the ability to select it as my hotspot to connect to it. When tap on it to connect to it, it will spin like it’s trying to connect...Sometimes it will do it maybe for a whole minute & then tell me something was wrong with the hotspot. This can happen over & over. My iphone will show the device is connecting by the blue bar up top showing up. But then the iPad tells me it failed, but the iPhone then is left with wifi on as well as the cellular connection. Any ideas why? Right now, it failed the first time I tried to connect, then I tried again & it worked. It’s not consistent, but happens pretty often. My iPad appears to have no problem connecting to other WiFi’s, it’s just my iPhone. I’ve performed restarts, etc. It basically always turns on the wifi on my phone, which I woul expect, then when the connection between the 2 devices fails, it leave my phone with the wifi on.


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Jan 15, 2016
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Try resetting the connection on the device that acts as a hotspot; Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This basically reboots your connection. Pleased note that you'll need to re-add your WiFi passwords after the reset.